Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Knife Party.



Nah, I'm only fucking with you. One of my friends are into electronic/techno/dubstep music, and during a drive down to our chill spot, he had put on something from his selection of music. At first, I wasn't really feeling the music because I don't usually listen to that type of genre, but it started to become catchy once this "female" voice came in the song. At first I didn't think this "female" voice would say like a full on statement, because they usually would chop the voice into little bits and pieces.

From what I heard whenever I listen to some techno or electronic, but this one was different, and it was catchy too. It's like it stuck out, not the fact that it's a female voice, but because of what the voice was saying. "You blocked me on facebook", now I'm there sitting there like "Damn, how'd this bitch know about facebook", but actually it was more like "Wait... What?"

Anyways, the song is called "Internet Friends" by Knife Party. Knife Party is an Australian Electro house group, I don't know too much about them or anything like that, but what I know is, this song is on their EP called "100% No Modern Talking" and although I don't really fuck with that genre of music, I totally fuck with this "Internet Friends" song.

They have a music video for this song too, peep the vid.


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