Idiot Box Cat : Commission.

Friday 3 May 2013



Um, I finished my first ever commission. Through someone I know back in the High school, I got commissioned to do an "angel" for a church. Awh, yeah I'm sure y'all know how I feel about Church by now, if you listened to my music or whatever, but this is not about church.

I did an Angel for this pastor, and like it took me 3 days to do it, Thursday (yesterday) being the final day. I still have to do some more work for this dude, so... I have to go back the church, and do more paintings for them. Their having an anniversary for their church or whatever, so he wanted to do all of this shit for their shit, that would be coming up in a few days, can you guess which day?

Well... enough of me talking about this, cause I'm very uninterested in talking about church very much so. Fuck this...

I'm a post up the pictures.

This is when I began, I sketched it out and shit. I didn't even have a reference paper to look off of in the beginning, I knew what he wanted, but I was like fuck that, I'm a put my little spin on it. 

 This is half way through. People at the Church loved the eyes.

At this point, I'm finished with it. It looks fucking cool. I mean, it was my first time. I wasn't stoked or anything like that. I figured, hey I get to paint on a wall, doing something that I love doing.

So yeah, for all you church heads, this is "Angel Gabriel", took me 3 days to complete this body of fine work. Y'all will see the Mermaid next week, cause a nigga have to get this shit out there... Even if something on a wall..

Um, so there you go. I'm proud I did my first commission. Busted my ass to get this done, and I think it came out nice.


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