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Tuesday 5 March 2013



It's been a while, but i'm back with some shit. Most of the time I don't really know what to post on this blog, even though i'm the one who set it up. Sound's kind of crazy right? Yeah it probably is, but fuck it, I'm coming up with some topics, to keep this shit alive a little.

Today, I'm going to talk about some shit, that I think y'all can relate to, because it's all about "Inspirations". Things that I, you or anybody gets inspires by, and honestly it varies for me.

I can get inspired by something small like someone wearing a red shirt with white buttons, to like one of my favorite songs that i listen to from time to time. Inspiration can come from anywhere in life, and life imitates art, as well as art imitating life. Half the time when i produce a beat, i don't have anything in mind.... Absolutely nothing at all. The reason? Well... I don't really have an answer because I don't know.

I usually start off with any idea through something rough i come up with, then from there i get more inspired as I build with whatever i'm working on. Sounds like i'm spilling out my creative process, but whatever, it's nothing really big anyways.


As an example:

I love, I fucking love Nas's Debut album entitled "Illmatic" released in '94, at the time when I was still in diapers n' shit. I didn't really discover this album till I was like in my early teen years... or maybe even a bit later... but anyways.

I think that album is dope, just like the majority of those who is a "hip-hop head" just like I am. The reason why i love this album, is because Nas displays lyrical dexterity, his rhymes are on point and the production had just the right feel and vibe for what Nas brings to the table. I could go on and more specific about why it inspires me and whatever else.

But the reason why i brought that up, is because like I wanna make sure, people understand who and what i'm talking about and, this will tie into my example.

I have a song called "93"... and in the production of that song, I use hard hitting "gritty-like" drums. I played some basic chords, used very pronounced and gritty hi-hats as well. Then i added a couple of samples and what not..

My inspiration for that track was from one of Nas's tracks off his album "Illmatic" which would be the last record on the whole album which would be "It Ain't Hard To Tell"

 the Large Professor produced track, inspired me to make "93". Fuck I love this fucking song, cause of everything it embodies, and what Nas was all about, and he was all about being "Ill"

As for me, I wanted to make "93" my own version of "It Ain't Hard To Tell"

I wasn't trying to copy or bite one of my favorite artists of all time, I was simply inspired to see if I can create something reminiscent of one of my favorite records.

Music is mostly recycled when you really fucking look at it at the end of the day. It's timeless, because the originality will always stand, but the recycled versions will always keep songs, albums, covers or whatever alive and forever living.

My inspirations:

Oooh, and this is from a old famous painter from the 1800's named Claude Monet   
This painting is called "Impression, Sunrise" it's just an awesome seascape 
that's really simple and shit, the brush strokes are hard and edgy, but I fucking 
love this painting. 


I don't really wanna make this a long post, so yeah that's about it. See y'all later.


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