Idiot Box Cat : The Stereotypical Perceptions of Modeling

Tuesday 13 November 2012

The Stereotypical Perceptions of Modeling

Now, I don't mean to be ya know, stereotypical about this subject, but you know, they say that there's always some truth, now i know some of y'all going to be like "Nah, man that's what people do when they have an eating disorder" and i'm going to be like yeah so? 

This is the thing, i mean for modeling you need to have a certain size and maintain a certain size for the requirements for your agent in the purposes for magazine covers, photo shoots, fashion shows to make you the best model right?

Okay, i get it. Then again, there must be agents, or have messages of a really skinny girls up in the insides of those buildings. So like i'm saying like from a psychological level, girls that are use to eating a lot or happy maintaining a good weight and enjoy their food right, like these girls don't give no buttcheeks like they need a mcdonalds right now! So when they (the agents and all these other dudes n shit) start to tell the model you need to reduce your food intake and start to eat healthy n shit, these girls start to trip out, like they start to get depressed and start to have flashbacks of eating a poutine and big fries n shit. I mean, if they really really want it they will do it, and there are girls that are mentally unstable, so they be excessively doing some shit just because they be obsessed about what their interested in, so these girls don't really give a flying dog bone if her and a classroom skeleton look like twins.

and i mean after a while, these types of actions turn into an addiction, so i mean, like maybe i'm being an ass because of the cartoon, but models are also below average weight all the time, like they gotta be surfing through the wind, like the wind gotta sway them to make that extra bump in their step.
and i mean you gotta be like the frailest you can be to do that modeling thing.

with that said, i make these cartoons, so you will be seeing a lot more of my artistic talents. :)
yeah, Uhm, bye now.

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