Idiot Box Cat : Instrumentals and Art Work

Friday 2 November 2012

Instrumentals and Art Work

This is the cat that got his head stuck in a television set. He's like bumblebee from transformers without the big body engine and a nice sleek yellow and black design. I have this image of the cat with his head as a television because i thought it was a cool type of design. Originally, i came up with this design when i had a course in college. We had to combine a thing and an animal together, so that's how i came up with this shit. So, what does that mean for this blog, it represents the many channels that a creative person can have, with the passion to move, i guess. 

anyways, i make music, draw cartoons, take photos and graphic design sort of. I have an interest in all movements of art, whether visual, audio and theatrical, cause pretty colors, sweet music and magical castles are fucking awesome. Nah, I just think its cool. 

Her Ritual
cause she's a bad motherf**ka! 

On the music side of things, i make uh, hip-hop instrumentals
well, their more alternative so, fuck genres, i make beats. 

and it's a nice spacy love instrumental. 

Cosmic Love 

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